How Simple Repairs Can Help You Sell Your House

When it comes to selling a property it may be a surprise to find out that even the smallest of DIY jobs can have a dramatic impact on your homes ability to sell. House buyers tend to be very fussy, especially in a buyers’ market, and anything that is out of place will not go unnoticed.

diyIt’s always advisable to do any DIY jobs that need doing before arranging for viewings to be done on your property, however there may be one or two things that you have missed. Our list below will show you what we generally do when it comes to selling property in order to get a quick sale. Or visit Top Cash Offer’s blog for a better understanding on this.

Make sure you finish off any small DIY jobs – any woodwork, skirting boards, banisters that are chipped and looking old, give them a fresh coat of gloss. This will immediately give an impression of freshness and help with your sale. (Remember to make sure the paint is dry before you arrange viewings, you don’t want your sellers to walk away covered in paint!).

Any leaky taps, drips or toilets that don’t flush, get them sorted. It doesn’t cost much to replace handles, washers, taps and toilet seats but it all makes a huge difference. You would be surprised how many people think it’s a major job to replace a broken toilet seat.

Remember that the outside of your house is just as important as the inside. A well-trimmed garden is a must. Make sure you keep pathways clean and clear. Any kid’s bikes etc should be safely stored away and out of sight. A tidy fence around a property is also appealing.

Often potential buyers are afraid of water damage and don’t like to buy property that has water in unwanted places. Make sure you check your roof, guttering and drains for any potential problems that a buyer may pick up on.

A regular lick of paint is probably the best way to keep your property in it’s best possible shape and sale ready. If you don’t do any of the other things mentioned here, keeping your paintwork fresh is a must and any prospective buyer will notice (and be impressed) by clean paintwork.

Saving Money Selling A House In Aberdeen

Aberdeen and the surrounding county of Aberdeenshire is the most affluent area in Scotland. As you would expect, this means that house prices in Aberdeenshire are among the highest in the country with the average home costing over £215,000. Property values in Aberdeen city are slightly lower on average, with most costing around £188,000.

With healthy tourist numbers and a booming oil industry courtesy of the North Sea supply, Aberdeen properties are in great demand, making quick house sales an everyday occurrence.

How Do I Sell Today?

If you’ve just decided to place your Aberdeen home on the market, then chances are you want it to sell fast. While the larger market conditions may be out of your control, you’ll be pleased to know there is plenty that you can do to help your house sell quickly. Firstly, consider your house’s kerb appeal: have you mowed the lawn? How about some neatly potted plants and a uniformly gravelled path? Chances are, if the front of your house is a rubbish tip and a graveyard for old machinery parts and unfinished DIY jobs, you’re going to have difficulty selling. When you list your house for sale with an agent, they will take a photo of the front aspect and usually this is what gets plastered on your listing, both in print and online. If the first impression of your Aberdeen property is less than positive, it will be near impossible to sell fast. Before you invite a listing agent to value the house, spend a weekend preening the front of your house, perhaps also re-painting the front door and re-attaching those brass numbers. If your house stands proud, people will believe it to be more valuable. That works for estate agents and expert valuers too, not just potential buyers.

DIY for a Quick House Sale

It may sound odd to spend money on a house you are about to sell, but studies suggest that homeowners that invest 2% of their house’s value on repairs and decoration sell properties much faster than those that do not carry out repair work, and usually achieve at least the full asking price. When prospective house buyers view a property, they want to see it at its best. Damaged or distracting decor will ultimately lead buyers to question the value of the house and be less willing to make a high offer. Have you even seen an unwashed used car for sale in a showroom? Of course not; car salesmen know that by spending a few pounds having a car professionally valeted they will get more interested buyers to look at it and will sell the car for a higher price. Apply the car salesman logic to your Aberdeen house for sale and invest in re-painting and organising the property before listing it on the market.

Aberdeen Houses Sell Fast

Whether you own a small studio flat or a six bedroom detached property, if it’s in Aberdeen then your chances of selling fast are high. Aberdeen is renowned for having one of the lowest crime rates in the UK, and a correspondingly low rate of unemployment. More jobs and less crime mean more money for upscale accommodation. Aberdeen is known as ‘The Granite City’ due to the abundance of the material in local quarries; if you’re lucky enough to own one of the city’s famous granite properties, selling will be both fast and easy. Being located high in the northern hemisphere, Aberdeen benefits from very long summer days and daylight hours can reach up to 20 in mid-June. The mild climate and high number of sunshine hours again contribute to the city and county’s popularity with home buyers. A large number of people migrate to Aberdeen from other Scottish cities and outside the UK, so property demand rarely dips.

Sell With Aberdeen Property Buyers

Despite the healthy housing market in Aberdeen, some homeowners need to employ specialised property buyers to facilitate quick sales in the city. If your house is in a poor state of repair and you have no available finance to fix it up, selling to a professional buyer can be far easier and more economical than waiting on the open market for months or even years. With increased flooding levels in the UK, and figures looking set to rise in years to come, those needing to sell previously flooded homes will have difficulty attracting buyers as many fear future incidents. Property buying agencies, for a fee, will find cash buyers for your Aberdeen home to ensure a quick sale regardless of property condition, flood or fire damage or other negative circumstances. The downside is that your house may not achieve the price you paid for it, or result in a profitable sale. Those that are forced to relocate for work or family commitments, or downsize due to financial obligations may still find it necessary and beneficial to sell quick for less cash. It is recommended that all homeowners in Aberdeen weigh up the pros and cons of each selling option before firmly agreeing to any legally binding contracts and proceeding with a house sale with either a private buyer or professional agent.